Serwis główny - The Beskids and Cieszyn Silesia
Data dodania: 7 ledna 2014
Agnieszka Łach ŚOT

The Beskids and Cieszyn Silesia


Śląsk Cieszyński (Cieszyn Silesia)

Cieszyn Silesia is a region characterized by cultural and regional distinctiveness. Its inhabitants have a strong sense of their own identity, certainly because it once constituted the lands of the Duchy of Cieszyn, located round the town of Cieszyn and the river Olza. Cieszyn, the charming town, full of numerous historical landmarks and contemporary cultural events, is not the only place worth visiting during vacation in Cieszyn Silesia. In the north there’s the picturesque ‘Żabi Kraj’ (Land of Frogs), The Wisła oxbow lake with hundreds of fish ponds, numerous bird areas and a delightful, historical Strumień. In Cieszyn Silesia there is also a Beskid spa town Ustroń and a city of tradition and turbulent history: Bielsko-Biała. Just like the brothers from the legend were gladdened upon their unexpected meeting in Cieszyn, surely many of you will enjoy meeting your friends in the Cieszyn lands. Since these sites are so gladly visited, everyone will find something they like here, no matter the age and interests.

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 Jaworzynka, Beskidy, fot.T.Gębuś,


Koniaków, Beskidy, fot. T.Gębuś,


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Szczyrk Mountain Resort fot. SMR


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