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Cichoń Confectionery

       It is a family confectionery that was founded in early 1990s.  They specialize in home-made cakes based on their own family recipes. Fragrant and fluffy cheesecakes, cookies and traditional Kołocz should recall many memories from childhood. Famous "kopa" is also available here: a great dessert made of coconut, fruit and alcohol. 

The confectionery is a member of the Silesian Tastes Culinary Trail.

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street Zamkowa 6
in the city/town centre
General Information
: confectionery, szlak kulinarny
: Polish, regional
Contact data
: +48 32 336 12 47
Prices & amenities
: car park, bicycle parking station, we accept payments
: whole year

Tue-Sat 12:00-20:00

Sun 10:00-20:00

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Wybrane potrawy
Ornontowice is a communal village situated in the district of Mikołów. The settlement was already mentioned under the name of Renoltowitz at the beginning of the fourteenth century. In the first half of the century, there was a parish here. In the early seventeenth century, there were salt works, where the salt from Wieliczka was boiled. At the end of the eighteenth century, the first coal mine “Leopold” was built in Ornontowice. The next century brought further industrialization. A blast furnace and a factory were built, and in 1888, a railway line was constructed. In Ornontowice one can find a nineteenth-century palace of the Hegenscheid family.
Ornontowice is known primarily for the palace of the Hegenscheids, but the village is also worth visiting because of its special monument of nature. It is a local alley lined with 74 oaks. The Ornontowice oaks grow along the Nowa Street (along the section running from the intersection with Zwycięstwa Street to the stream called “Solarni”). A 6-km long, red-marked biking trail, part of the West Trail, runs along the oak alley.
Dębieńsko, which until 1977 was a separate village, is now one of the four districts of the town of CzerwionkaLeszczyny, lying in its north-eastern part. The history of the parish dates back probably to the thirteenth century. The church of Saint George, which in the present form is the result of over two hundred years of successive reconstructions, is a building erected at the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth century in the place of the former medieval wooden church.
In Bujaków, which until recently was an independent village, and now is a district of Mikołów, there is the Shrine of Our Lady, Protector of Environment. In the church of Saint Nicholas, which was erected more than 500 years ago, they venerate the Mother of God in the form of a Gothic figure, brought here from the Bujaków shrine on the so-called Swedish grave. At the church there is a botanical garden, founded by Fr. Jerzy Kemp.
The Marian shrine is located in Bujaków in the deanery of Mikołów. It is also a place where we can see a botanical parish garden. Apart from the garden, which was founded in the 70s of the twentieth century, there are a few old shrines, a seventeenth-century well and monuments related to beekeeping, which form a small open-air museum. The place is popular among parishioners, pilgrims and tourists, offering an opportunity for calm and prayer.
The church of Saint Lawrence was erected at the end of the sixteenth century. In the course of time, it underwent a number of reconstructions and renovations. The church was founded by the Trach family. For some time it served as a church for the Protestant community. The patron saint of the church is Saint Lawrence, deacon and martyr from the third century A.D. This saint was especially popular in the Middle Ages. He was, inter alia, considered as the patron saint of fire protection.
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Silesian Tastes Culinary Trail
It is a family confectionery that was founded in early 1990s.
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The Restaurant is located near Paprocany Lake in Tychy and specializes in Silesian cuisine.
Hotel i Restauracja TIMBERLAND usytuowany jest w spokojnej i cichej okolicy,w otoczeniu przyrody. Od 15 lat organizujemy przyjęcia na najwyższym poziomie,ciesząc się zaufaniem i satysfakcją naszych Klientów
Hotel-restauracja położony jest przy trasie Gliwice-Mikołów , od 18-12 km od Zabrza, Gliwic, Mikołowa, Katowic, 5 km od zjazdu z autostrady A4 przy węźle Sośnica kierunek na Chudów.
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