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The Jura Entertainment Center in Ogrodzieniec

The Jura Entertainment Center in Ogrodzieniec is a modern resort, where you can relax comfortably, take part in a training session or organize an integration party. The center also offers an active way of relaxation, such as a model of a train station (model trains in the scales of 1:8, 1:12, and 1:32), two tennis courts, a bowling alley and many activities for children. The centre is an ideal base for excursions into the Polish Jura or as a starting point to set out along the Eagles' Nests Trail.

street Kościuszki 107
42-440 Ogrodzieniec
Kraków-Częstochowa Jura
in the city/town
Contact data
: +48 32 6735124
General information
: tennis, bowling, playground
Prices & amenities
: Price list on the Website.
: whole year

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W Bzowie, dawnej, XIV-wiecznej wsi, stanowiącej obecnie część miasta Zawiercie, obejrzeć możemy parterowy, murowany dwór. Budowla, która wzniesiona została zapewne w XVIII w., podlegała przebudowom, w wyniku których jej kształt znacząco się zmienił. Obecnie dwór wykorzystywany jest na cele mieszkalne. Bzów leży na Szlaku Tysiąclecia, którym w niedługim czasie dotrzeć można do blisko położonego Podzamcza lub do Kromołowa.
The sources of the Czarna Przemsza are located at a height of just over 400 meters in Bzów, which is a district Zawiercie. The revitalization work at the sources was carried out in 2001-2004, including cleaning works,the development of the environment, paving the educational path.
Ogrodzieniec is a small town whose origins date back to the Middle Ages. For centuries, it was developing in the shadow of the mighty castle "Ogrodzieniec", standing on the top of the Jurassic hill called Mount Janowski. The modern town center is located in the vicinity of Plac Wolności (Freedom Square), while the former marketplace is today’s Pilsudski Square, where there is the much rebuilt edifice, which once housed the town hall, and in its vicinity - a historic church.
The present church of the Transfiguration in Ogrodzieniec, stands on the site of a former wooden shrine of Saint Lawrence (which existed here since the Middle Ages to the mideighteenth century). The church was under construction off and on since the 50s of the eighteenth century. The last stages of the construction fell on the years between 1783 and 1787, when the owner of Ogrodzieniec was Jan Józef Jakliński. The church combines the late Baroque and neo-Classicist styles. The brick building has a lofty tower.
The commune of Ogrodzieniec prides itself on the most Ogrodzieniec powerful “eagle’s nest” - the fortress of "Ogrodzieniec" in Podzamcze. In the same village and the commune there are other very mysterious ruins such as the Powder Factory "Zawiercie". The plant was launched by the Russian Society of Gunpowder Production and Sales in Saint Petersburg in 1891. The plant manufactured blasting powder for the mining industry. It was destroyed during the First World War. To this day, remnants of the walls and cellars have been preserved on the site.
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