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Pizza Speed

On the menu: salads, bread, pasta, beverages and of course pizza.
ulica Wyszyńskiego Stefana 1
41 - 940 Piekary Śląskie
Piekary Śląskie
w mieście
Informacje ogólne
: pizzeria
: włoska
: + 48 (0) 32 767 56 5
: whole year

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Piekary Śląskie
The building of the King John III Sobieski Secondary Comprehensive School in Piekary Śląskie sited at Gimnazjalna Street is a fine example of Art Nouveau architecture, which was popular in the autonomous province of Silesia in the interwar period. The building with a distinctive, rounded glass projection was designed by world famous architect, Karol Schayer, and was built in 1930-1933.
Piekary Śląskie
The Bytomska Street in Piekary Śląskie is the axis around which the life of the city revolves. The artery is almost 5 km long. It starts in the south, near the border with Bytom, and then runs almost straight north to end up in the district of Kozłowa Góra. In this street we can find the most important and most interesting objects in Piekary Śląskie including the surgical hospital (formerly the “Unia Bracka” Hospital), the city council, the Schaeffers’ manufacturing facility of sacred art and the Sanctuary with the Calvary.
Piekary Śląskie
The Piekarska Calvary is one of the most famous pilgrimage destinations in Poland. It was built in the late nineteenth century on the hill of Cerekwica, which is adjacent to the Shrine of Our Lady of Charity and Social Justice in Piekary Śląskie. It consists of Stations of the Way of the Cross, a Gothic Calvary Church of the Resurrection, and a number of other chapels and stations associated with the subject of Passion.
Piekary Śląskie
The basilica in Piekary Śląskie is one of the largest sanctuaries in Silesia, and also one of the better-known centers of Marian devotion across the country. The local Shrine of Our Lady of Charity and Social Justice is primarily known for organizing May pilgrimages for men and August ones for women, whose tradition goes back to the interwar period. Each of them numbers from 80 to 120 thousand pilgrims, mostly from Upper Silesia.
As the process of the revitalization of brownfield sites is still underway, not abandoned or underused industrial and commercial facilities have been redeveloped or reused. One of the first examples of the adaptation of an industrial plant for residential purposes is Bolko Loft within the premises of the former Mining and Metallurgical Plant “Biały Orzeł” - "White Eagle" in Bytom. The project was immediately recognized, and in 2006, it was selected in the competition -"Poland. Icons of architecture”, as one of the 20 most interesting architectural projects in Poland after 1989.
Piekary Śląskie
In the area of today's Piekary Śląskie there are very interesting Polish fortifications from the time before the Second World War. These are fortified shelters of the Fortified Area of Silesia, which was to defend the industrial region against German aggression. The preserved 24 fortifications were part of the point-defence 298 of the combat group "Brzeziny" and of the point-defence 304.7. In the unique shelter located in the district of Brzeziny the Association for Fortification Monuments "Pro Fortalicium" set up a museum chamber.
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Piekary Śląskie
Hotel "Palace Wisniewski, located in the center of Piekary Slaskie, in the immediate vicinity of the sanctuary, the hotel is prepared for conferences, business meetings from several to 100 people.
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Piekary Śląskie
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Piekary Śląskie
The restaurant is housed in the Municipal House of Culture.
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