Serwis główny - The Beskids and Cieszyn Silesia
Data dodania: 7 ledna 2014
Agnieszka Łach ŚOT

The Beskids and Cieszyn Silesia

Trips to the Beskids do not need to be advertised to anyone since the Beskid Mountains are known to be picturesque, available to tourists of varied degrees of physical fitness, and full of wonderful landmarks, which can be visited in its villages and towns. The Beskids are special among Silesian regions also due to the fact that everyone can find something interesting here, no matter the season.

In summer, a tourist wandering in the mountains would surely visit Wisła for several days to participate in the Beskids' Culture Week. In the winter, skiers and snowboarders will gather on numerous excellent slopes. The region is a perfect place for rest with children as well, and the fresh air, beautiful nature and the possibility to learn about folk arts and crafts are priceless. The landscape of the mountains and various Marian shrines often attract pilgrims, who can participate in spiritual retreats and exercises. Those who want to taste the night life will find entertainment of various kinds in restaurants, hotels, centers and resorts. Therefore, it’s impossible to get bored in the Beskids.

The parts of the Beskids belonging to Silesia are: the Żywiec Beskids, the Silesian Beskids and the western part of the Little Beskids. Gustaw Morcinek wrote beautifully about these mountains: ‘Somebody said that the Tatras are Gothic and the Beskids are Baroque. This Baroque we can see not only in their shape, but everywhere in these lands’.

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