Serwis główny - The Beskids and Cieszyn Silesia
Data dodania: 7 ledna 2014
Agnieszka Łach ŚOT

The Beskids and Cieszyn Silesia


The Silesian Beskids

The most important tourist towns in the area are: Bielsko-Biała, Brenna, Istebna, Szczyrk, Ustroń and Wisła. In Ustroń begins the Main Beskids Trail: Ustroń to Wołosate (Bieszczady Mountains). While herding used to be the their main livelihood, nowadays the local population takes advantage of tourist, spa and relaxational aspects of their motherland. The Beskids Tri-village is the only place where sheep returned to the pastures.

The Little Beskids

The Little Beskids became popular only several years ago, since the close vicinity of the Silesian, Żywiec and Makowiecki Beskids concealed the charm and characteristic atmosphere of this part of the Beskid Mountains. There are also many wilderness areas, hidden by nature in the dense forests, as well as unique valleys and picturesque passes and saddles. One of the most interesting geological formations here occurring are caves, such as Ice Cave, Komoniecki’s Cave, Czarne Działy or Dragon's Den, which, according to historical sources, was probably a kind of shelter for outlaws, and there were always many of them in the Beskid Mountains.

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