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Cieszyn – Dębowiec – Skoczów – Landek [11Y]

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Cieszyn – Dębowiec – Skoczów – Landek [11Y]

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In Rudzica, in the Cieszyn Foothills, Saint Wendelin, whose name bears a small valley in the forest and a small chapel built near the springs of miraculous properties. The cult of the medieval monk, popular in distant German countries, reached Cieszyn Silesia in the nineteenth century. In 1876, a chapel was erected in Rudzica, which is now a destination of the pilgrims coming even from remote places.
The church in Chybie was erected in the inter-war period, It features an interesting architecture, with a fanciful façade, designed by Henryk Szołdra. Its interior was arranged by Jan Wałach, a known painter from Istebna. The church is a Marian shrine. Since the 1950s, inside the church, there has been a miraculous picture of the Mother of God, which had been brought here from the chapel in Gołysz, before it was pulled down because of the construction of the Goczałkowice reservoir.
While in the area of Bielsko-Biala, we can visit, among others, the village of Rudzica, located several miles from the city center. In the village, there is a gallery of Florian Kohut, a local artist painter. The main theme of his works is nature in his surrounding and scarecrows. Apart from the gallery, which attracts visitors from home and abroad, there is an exhibition of scarecrows, and every year, at the end of May, the Day of the Scarecrow is held, accompanied by a parade and a competition.
The parish church of Saint John the Baptist parish in Rudzica is the third successive building on the site. The first was a wooden shrine, which existed here in the first half of the fourteenth century. During the Reformation, it was a Protestant church. It was burnt down in 1728. The next wooden building was erected soon after, and stood here for several years. It was replaced with the brick building (at the end of the eighteenth century), standing here today.
In Pierściec, which is situated the north of Skoczów, in Cieszyn Silesia, we can encounter one of the few sanctuaries of Saint Nicholas in Poland. The local cult of the holy bishop of Myra is related to the miraculous salvation of his figures from the fire which burnt down the local wooden church at the beginning of the seventeenth century. Holy relics from the 60s of the last century can be found in the new church, which was built in the late nineteenth century.
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