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The Oak in Kończyce Wielkie

In Kończyce Wielkie, a nice village in the commune of Hażlach in Cieszyn Silesia, there are a few interesting historic buildings and impressive monuments of nature. The latter are oaks that can be a subject of envy even on part of national parks. The tree called "Mieszko" (from the name of the duke, the founder of the Cieszyn Piast dynasty) is the oldest one in Silesia. It is more than 750 years old!

Kończyce Wielkie
Beskids & Cieszyn Silesia
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Kończyce Wielkie
Kończyce Wielkie is a small settlement in Cieszyn Silesia, located only a few miles from the Czech border. It is proud of several tourist attractions. One of the most interesting is a palace erected in the Baroque and Classicist styles surrounded by a landscaped park. The palace is called "Good Lady". Why this name? The last owner of the local property was Gabriel von Thun-Hohenstein, an aristocrat known for her charitable work.
Kończyce Wielkie
The Karłowiec Farm in Kończyce Wielkie dates from the mid-eighteenth century. It belonged to the estate associated with the local palace. Until 1945, it was a property of Countess Gabriella von Thun und Hohenstein. After the nationalization of the farm buildings a stable was arranged here. Now, it is a large agritourism farm, with a conference center and banquet rooms. It can be visited and seen free of charge.
Kończyce Wielkie
Even from afar the church of the Archangel Michael in Kończyce Wielkie near Hażlach attracts attention with a beautiful, slender silhouette. Not only is it the largest wooden church in Cieszyn Silesia, but also the talleSt It was erected in the second half of the eighteenth century. The construction itself is unique, because the new church was simply built around the older one, like a case. Inside the shrine there are interesting monuments, including a baptismal font and pulpit.
Kończyce Małe
The castle in Kończyce Małe, a village on the Polish-Czech border, is sometimes called Cieszyn Wawel Castle. This is due to the arcades in the inner courtyard. This Renaissance building was erected by the members of the Czel family in the sixteenth century. It later belonged to the families of the Pełk and Folwarczny. Today, the castle houses numerous local associations, the Regional Chamber and an elegant hotel and restaurant.
Kończyce Małe
The Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Kończyce Małe was built in the first half of the eighteenth century. It was rebuilt and modernized after the war. Although the building lacks any definite style, some elements refer to Baroque and Classicism. Inside the church one can find a beautiful, miraculous image of the Madonna and Child, which is a unique representation of Mary with a dandelion flower in her hand.
The Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Kaczyce is an interesting wooden building, originally built in Ruptawa before 1620. It was moved to its current location in the 70s of the twentieth century. Lying in the center of the village, the church is thickly surrounded by trees, and somewhat obscured by the buildings of the nearby houses. It is situated on the Pszczyna loop of the Wooden Architecture Trail of the Silesia province.
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