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The Liberation Mound in Piekary Śląskie

The Liberation Mound is the highest point of Piekary Śląskie. It rises to 356 meters above sea level. From the top one can see a panorama of the four corners of the world. With good visibility people armed with binoculars can admire the distant ranges of the Tatra Mountains, lying more than 160 km away. Closer you can see blocks of apartments and church towers and chimneys of Zagłębie Dąbrowskie, a region of Upper Silesia. The mound was between1932 and 1937 to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the Polish victory under Vienna and the 15th anniversary of the incorporation of Silesia into Poland.

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Piekary Śląskie
Piekary Śląskie
Upper Silesian Agglomeration
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Piekary Śląskie
The basilica in Piekary Śląskie is one of the largest sanctuaries in Silesia, and also one of the better-known centers of Marian devotion across the country. The local Shrine of Our Lady of Charity and Social Justice is primarily known for organizing May pilgrimages for men and August ones for women, whose tradition goes back to the interwar period. Each of them numbers from 80 to 120 thousand pilgrims, mostly from Upper Silesia.
Piekary Śląskie
The Piekarska Calvary is one of the most famous pilgrimage destinations in Poland. It was built in the late nineteenth century on the hill of Cerekwica, which is adjacent to the Shrine of Our Lady of Charity and Social Justice in Piekary Śląskie. It consists of Stations of the Way of the Cross, a Gothic Calvary Church of the Resurrection, and a number of other chapels and stations associated with the subject of Passion.
Piekary Śląskie
The building of the King John III Sobieski Secondary Comprehensive School in Piekary Śląskie sited at Gimnazjalna Street is a fine example of Art Nouveau architecture, which was popular in the autonomous province of Silesia in the interwar period. The building with a distinctive, rounded glass projection was designed by world famous architect, Karol Schayer, and was built in 1930-1933.
As in many other places in Poland, there is also a legend about Radzionków. The legend tells the story about Saint Adalbert, who was preached the Word of in the contemporary town. The fact is, however, that the first church was built here very early - probably at the beginning of the fourteenth century. But the present-day church of Saint Adalbert was built in 1875. The building itself and its interior were decorated in the neoGothic style.
The mini open air museum in Radzionków, with a small exhibition of old mining equipment and a quaint chapel arranged in an old transformer station, was established at the beginning of this century. It is a reminder of the local coal mine, which under the name "Radzionkau Grube" was founded in the 70s of the nineteenth century and operated as the mine “Radzionków” and later as "Silesian Insurgents" until 2001.
"The Museum of Bread, School and Curiosities in Radzionków is an institution established thanks to the passion of one man, Piotr Mankiewicz. After years of collecting the exhibits, in 2000, he decided to show them to the public. The museum exhibition revolves around the bread - from the process of its formation to its presence in the wider culture. Recently, the owner of the museum expanded its collections for school memorabilia and other miscellaneous."
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Piekary Śląskie
History of the manor house ("Komfort Inn" Hotel) in Piekary Śląskie comes from the twelfth century.
Piekary Śląskie
Pilgrim House is located in a restored old historic building in downtown Piekary Slaskie, between the Basilica of the Virgin and the Calvary hill.
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Piekary Śląskie
The restaurant is located in a residential Buczka Piekary Slaskie, offers a national cuisine based on recipes of the highest quality and Italian cuisine.
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