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    The Wiercica is a short, clean, very scenic river, which flows entirely (about 30 km) through the Silesian voivodeship. It flows from its sources to Janów in a beautiful valley, popular with tourists due to its natural and sightseeing attractions. The short distance between the village of Sygontka and the confluence with the Warta river offers an extremely attractive white water rafting trip.
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    The Pilica river is the longest tributary of the Vistula. It is 319 km long. The river flows through the southern and central Poland, starting from the Polish Jura, and then crossing the plains of central Poland and Mazovia. The river with an average water level is usually suited for kayaking along the section from Szczekociny. One can take part in whitewater rafting organized by the Volunteer Fire Department, or by the specialist or rental companies.
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    According to many kayakers, the Liswarta river is among the most interesting tourist rivers in central Poland. The Liswarta is around 95 km in length, and the stretch of about 32 km long is suitable for kayaking rallies. Most frequently kayaks are put onto water in Danków (there are interesting monuments here), the rally then continues to Popów as far as to the mouth of the Warta river at in the village of Kule. The river flows in its natural valley, winding through meadows and pine forests.