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Agriturismo "Maja" - David and Miroslaw Lamch

Our facility is located in a picturesque location among the limestone rocks and forests rich in fruits of the forest where he quietly and calmly, you can spend your time. We offer a wealth of attractions and interesting places to visit. We recommend our guests a comfortable, large bed rooms 2,3,4. We provide delicious homemade meals prepared by Mrs. House. We organize parties and special events for 30 people. We guarantee a friendly and homely atmosphere.
General Information
: agritourism
: none
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: 501 478 773
Conference room
: Yes
: whole year

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In the village of Czatachowa, in the central part of the Kraków Częstochowa Upland, near Jasna Góra, a few Pauline monks began hermit lives in the 90s of the last century. In the course of time, the area of the Holy Spirit Hermitage was enclosed by a stone wall, and the monks built a small stone church of the Holy Spirit and the wooden chapel of St Anthony the Hermit. They themselves started to live in modest cottages, scattered in the foreSt
The longest cave yet discovered in the Polish Jura is the Wierna Cave, whose total length of the corridors is more than 1 km. The Wierna Cave is located in Ostrężnik, a small hamlet of the village of Trzebniów, situated within the commune of Niegowa. It was discovered in the early 1990s. Speleologists are delighted with its size and rich cave formations. The Wierna Cave is occasionally accessible to cavers.
Złoty Potok
"Parkowe" is a forest and landscape reserve, just south of Złoty Potok. The most picturesque part of the Wiercica river valley, with rock formations, springs, streams and man-made ponds occupies a protected area of over 155 hectares. Almost the entire reserve is forested. In this area we will also encounter a few monuments. A lot of hiking trails, including Eagles' Nests Trail runs through the reserve.
Złoty Potok
Ostoja Złotopotocka (The Złoty Potok Refuge) is one of the areas included in the Natura 2000 network. It covers more than 2748 hectares of land, with a number of valuable natural places. The Refuge comprises both reserves and natural monuments. It is also a scenic area, which is a destination of sightseeing excursions, through which several Jurassic hiking trails run, including the Trail of the Eagles' Nests in the lead.
Złoty Potok
“Diabelskie Mosty” (Devil's Bridges), located in the valley area of the Wiercica river valley (about 4 km from Złoty Potok), is a conspicuous, 15-meter-tall rocky outcrop. The rock is cut by deep slits, and in its top part there is a spacious cavity with a length of about 8 meters, forming a tunnel. Legends associate the Devil's Bridges with sorcerer Twardowski. It is also a place of the successful guerrilla action of the Home Army of 9 November 1944 - the assassination of the so called Bloody Julek.
Diabelskie Mosty, znajdujące się w rejonie doliny Wiercicy (ok. 4 km od Złotego Potoku) to charakterystyczny, wysoki na 15 m ostaniec skalny. Skała porozcinana jest głębokimi szczelinami, a w jej górnej partii znajduje się obszerne wydrążenie o długości ok. 8 metrów, tworzące tunel. Legendy wiążą Diabelskie Mosty z postacią czarnoksiężnika Twardowskiego. Jest to także miejsce udanej akcji partyzanckiej Armii Krajowej, z 9 listopada 1944 r. - zamachu na tzw. Krwawego Julka.
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The restaurant is located in a city centre, in historic cellars of City Hall.
Widok z okien to lasy i skały, na których uprawiana jest wspinaczka. W odległości 100m od domku mieści się boisko sportowe do piłki nożnej, siatkówki plażowej oraz plac zabaw dla dzieci. W promieniu 2 km znajdują się jaskinie : Wierna, Trzebniowska i Wiercica.
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