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Zagłębie Palace of Culture

The basic function of the Palace is to offer the inhabitants of the city and the region many different forms of art and culture. The institution carries out projects in cultural education, promotion and protection of culture. It invites to concerts, theatre performances, operas, literary sessions, cabaret shows, film shows, festiwals of culture, a wide range of educational activitiesand workshops and exhibitions. There also operate:University of the Third Age, music, dance and vocalgroups aswell as artistic sections. The rich offer of activities and workshops is available at its numerous facilities located in the city. Within the structure of the Palace there are 11 community centres, 5 clubs within housing areas and the Culture Centre in Ząbkowiece. The Entertainment Orchestra Sojka Band and the studio cinema Kadr are the pride of the Palace. The most important open airevents: Days of Dąbrowa Górnicza, Michał Spisak International Music Competition, International Festival of Brass Bands, Intercultural Folk Festival Zagłębie and the Neighbours, Harvest Festival, Summer Cinema are also the domain of the Palace.

The historic interior, professionalism and richexperience are the assets of this institution also trusted by business partners. Companies will find here an excellent atmosphere to hold ceremonies, jubilee events, business meetings, conferences and anexcellent space for promotion of products and services. On the exterior historic walls of the building there is an inscription: TO CULTURE AND ART. It perfectly reflects the character and central idea of the activity of the Palace as a leading cultural institution not only in the Silesian province but also in Poland. For the many years of its functioning it has become the house of generations of people of art and culture. It is the place both for those who make the first steps on the road of their artistic passions as well as for great renowned artists. Everyone, for whom contact with art is an important element of life, will find here an excellent cultural offer.

plac Wolności 1
41-300 Dąbrowa Górnicza
Dąbrowa Górnicza
Zagłębie Dąbrowskie, Aglomeracja Górnośląska
w centrum miasta, w mieście
Informacje ogólne
: kina, inne, galeria sztuki, opera, teatr
: +48 32 733 88 00
: +48 32 733 87 99
Ceny i udogodnienia
: dzieci, grupy, seniorzy
: klimatyzacja, miejsce dla niepalących, mówimy po angielsku, parking, rezerwacja, toalety
: whole year

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City audio tours
Zapraszamy na audiowycieczkę po Dąbrowie Górniczej!
Dąbrowa Górnicza
Plac Wolności - Freedom Square is the focal point on the map of Dąbrowa Górnicza. Here is the monumental Palace of Culture - one of the most successful realizations of the idea of socialist realism in architecture, which, in fact, teems with vibrant cultural life. The landmark of the square is the controversial monument "Heroes of Red Flags" from the early 90s of the last century, also known as a memorial to Jimi Hendrix.
Dąbrowa Górnicza
Teren byłej fabryki obrabiarek "DEFUM" w Dąbrowie Górniczej. Dąbrowski zakład założono na bazie warsztatu kowalsko - ślusarskiego w latach 70. XIX wieku. Następnie został on wykupiony przez Emila Škodę z Pilzna - twórcę marki znanej obecnie na całym świecie. Pod zarządem Škody zakład działał pod nazwą "Dąbrowska fabryka maszyn E. Škoda".
Dąbrowa Górnicza
The Citizens' Club called “Resursa” is a building located in 3 Maja Street in Dąbrowa Górnicza. It was founded by local businessmen in the late nineteenth century. For many decades, it was the center of cultural life. The Club served as a social club for the businessmen. It was also a place of many music and theater associations. It hosted such celebrities as Eliza Orzeszkowa, Maria and Helena Modrzejewska Konopnicka. For a time, the building housed the distinguished Gymnasium for Girls and the local History Museum – the precursor of the Museum “Sztygarka”.
Dąbrowa Górnicza
The Church of Our Lady of the Angels in Dąbrowa Górnicza was built between 1892 and 1912. It was erected as an extension of the church of Saint Alexander, built fifteen years before. Architect Józef Pomian-Pomianowski created a neo-gothic building with a soaring, over eightymeter tall tower. The high altar is famous for its benevolent, crowned statue of Our Lady of the Angels.
Dąbrowa Górnicza
In the center of the Form everyone can find something for everyone: studio group classes on bikes, fitness room, three squash courts, 2 tennis courts, tennis, playground for kids and wellness clinics.
Dąbrowa Górnicza
3 Maja Street in Dąbrowa Górnicza is one of the main promenades of the city. It is just over 700 meters long. The “Pogoria” shopping center is situated at its northern end, while at the south one, the most famous, historic building of Dąbrowa Górnicza, namely, the famous "Sztygarka" is located, in front of which, there is a statue of Stanisław Staszic. An interesting edifice is the former Social Club, in which cultural life flourished in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.
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Dąbrowa Górnicza
Restauracja Zagłębie Smaku znajduje się na pierwszym piętrze hotelu Holiday Inn w Dąbrowie Górniczej.
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Dąbrowa Górnicza
The restaurant is located next to the Palace of Culture.
Dąbrowa Górnicza
U nas smacznie jak w domu. BAR MLECZNY został otwarty w lutym 2014 r. Spełnia oczekiwania i potrzeby mieszkańców Dąbrowy Górniczej.
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