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The Nature Reserve "Romanka" in Sopotnia Wielka

Romanka is a lofty peak, with a height of 1366 m above sea level, surpassing the wooded slopes of the surrounding valleys by about 600-800 meters. It is one of the highest peaks in the massif of Pilsko and of the Żywiec Beskids. As the legend goes, Pilsko was to marry Babia Góra, but the latter despised someone much shorter than she herself. Then she took Romanka as her husband. The peak area comprises an interesting nature reserve, covering the upper montane forests.

Sopotnia Wielka
Beskidy i Śląsk Cieszyński
w górach, w lesie
: whole year
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: nature reserve / environmental use area

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The Żywiec Landscape Park was established in 1986. It covers a relatively large area, extending from Zwardoń to Korbielów. The park mainly includes the Group of Wielka Racza and the towering mountain range comprising the massif of Pilsko with the peaks of Lipowska and Romanka. The natural features, scenic landscapes with picturesque mountain ridges and a network of trails and mountain lodges make this area one of the most attractive parts of the country.
For many years, Hala Rysianka (Rysianka Pasture Land) has competed with nearby Hala Lipowska, as the beautiful vast clearing with a magnificent view stretching from Romanki to Pilsko, through the Tatra Mountains to Mała Fatra. There is a stylish tourist hostel on the glade. In the interwar period, the hostel of the Polish Tatra Society on Rysianka Hall was the center of Polish tourism in this part of the Beskids. The hostel is located at the hub of hiking trails of all colors.
Wyciąg narciarski, trasa o długości 500 m przygotowana ratrakiem Trasy do uprawiania narciarstwa biegowego
Słowianka is a charming hamlet, tucked in the Beskids, which belongs administratively to the village of Żabiniec near Żywiec. The hamlet is situated on a vast glade, located on the ridge with the dominating peak of Romanek (1366 m) and extends northwards. The private Mountain Tourist Station "Słowianka" is housed in a large, wooden house, which offers Accommodation to tourists, shopping at the grocery store, and even horseback riding.
The Lipowska reserve belongs to a protected area located in the upper parts of the Beskid Mountains, and in particular to a number of nature reserves serving to protect valuable natural sites, located in the ranges of Pilsko and Lipowska. This region, with an area of 63 hectares, is located in the upper parts of the massifs of Lipowska and Rysianka, has been protected since 2008. It aims at preserving the bogland and the montane forest.
Sopotnia Wielka
The reserve "Pod Rysianką" is one of the protected areas located in Żywiec Beskids, including fragments of the submontane forests partly on the boundary of the subalpine forests. In the remaining parts of the primeval Carpathian Forest there are, among others, protected plants, and sometimes one can encounter species of rare animals. Along the southern border of the reserve, there is a hiking trail, and in its vicinity the popular mountain hostel “Na Rysiance".
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