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Silesian Museum

The complex of buildings of the Silesian Museum, situated in the former Katowice coal mine, along with other institutions which are being built here will create the so-called Cultural District - the new centre of cultural life for the city. The coal mine "Katowice" operated from the third decade of the nineteenth century until the end of the last century. In total, about 120 million tons of coal were mined. Characteristic old buildings have remained of the mine, many of whom were built as early as the nineteenth century, and each individual building was given the features inspired by the Romanesque and Gothic styles. Currently, the mined area was adapted by the Silesian Museum for its new seat.

Modern structure, designed by the Austrian studio Riegler Riewe Architekten of Graz, was aimed at making the most of space beneath the surface of the ground, and intended to intrude as little as possible on the post-industrial landscape of the region. Most of the exhibitions will be located in underground halls and the historical landscape of the city is enriched merely by glass boxes which illuminate the interiors of the museum. Glass boxes allow visitors to see exhibitions in the daylight, even though they are located over 14 metres below ground level. The main part of the architectural complex of the Silesian Museum (T. Dobrowolskiego Street 1) is a seven-storey building, of which three storeys are underground. Level P-2 will host exhibitions of Polish painting 1800 - 1945, of Polish painting after 1945, and of Nonprofessional Art. Level P-4 will host the following exhibitions: History of Upper Silesia, Silesian Sacral Art, Centre for Polish Scenography and temporary exhibitions. Here is located the "Warszawa" hoist tower of the former pit shaft, on which a panoramic lift is mounted. There you can see the panorama of the city.

The Silesian Museum, foto: UMK

In the city center (Korfantego Avenue 3), there are temporary and permanent exhibitions: War Industry in Silesia in the 19thand 20th century and Fotoplastikon - 19thcentury in 3D. The Fotoplastikon – one of the most interesting exhibits of the Silesian Museum. The fotoplastikon in the Silesian Museum - one of the few surviving in Poland - comes from the late 19th century. It enables viewing stereoscopic photography, that is three-dimensional pictures. One can watch slides simultaneously at 24 stations and each slide can be illuminated by a separate source of light. It gives the viewer the incredible illusion of participating in the presented reality. 

ulica T. Dobrowolskiego 1
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Aglomeracja Górnośląska, Śląsk
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The Polish Stage Design Center in Katowice is a unique institution in the whole country. It is also a department of the Silesian Museum. It brings together the most important works of Polish theater and film designers or extra-drama activities. It intends to expand the collection of works of artists associated with TV theater and animation film. The centre was established in 1991.
The scientific center of Katowice is situated at the Bankowa Street. Along this short thoroughfare we can find the most important buildings of the Silesian University, including the magnificent edifice of the Rectorate, modern faculty buildings from the 70s of the last century and the pride of the current university authorities - an intelligent seat of the Faculty of Law and Administration, as well and the surprisingly impressive body of the Centre Scientific Information and the Academic Library, known as "redhead". On the same street, we can also encounter the Poland's only sculpture of the student.
Culture Zone in Katowice is located between Spodek arena and new buildings which are the seat of the International Congress Center (MCK), The National Orchestra of Polish Radio (NOSPR) and the Silesian Museum. The location of the Space of Culture adapted the area of former coal mine "Katowice". There you can find, according to a characteristics for Upper Silesia urban designs and motifs, amazing buildings. Tourist can admire a fantastic view from the green roof of the MCK, and Hoist tower of the former pit shaft, on which a panoramic lift is mounted (the Silesian Museum)
Katowice is the second city (after Warsaw) in Poland which boasts the largest number of high-rise buildings. The tradition of such constructions in the capital of Upper Silesia dates back to the interwar period, when the first “skyscraper” in the country was erected in Katowice. Currently, the record high building is the skyscraper "Altus", which is 125 meters tall and has a total area of about 69 000 square meters.
The Evangelical Church of the Resurrection is the oldest stone church in Katowice. It was built in the years 1856-1858 – and it is the oldest building in the city. Later, it was expanded and restored many times. It is a neo-Romanesque shrine, also referring to the early Christian architecture. Inside the church it is worth noting the original pulpit, stained glass windows in the chancel and valuable organ.
The area around the General Józef Ziętek Roundabout in Katowice is one of the most recognizable places in the capital of Upper Silesia. Even today visitors are impressed by the bold shape of the Sport and Show Arena known as Spodek ("Saucer in Polish). On the opposite side of the roundabout there is the Monument of the Silesian Insurgents and close to it the bronze statue of General Ziętek. An unusual memento of the communist times is the so-called Super Unit. A more recent landmark is "Rondo Sztuki", a an art and cultural centre.
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Silesian Tastes Culinary Trail
Moodro Restaurant is a unique place located in the old engine building belonging to the Silesian Museum in Katowice. The... więcej>>
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The hotel ibis budget Katowice Centrum is situated in the center of the capital of Upper Silesia, 24 miles (38 km) from the international airport in Pyrzowice and 0.9 miles (1.5 km) from the train station.
The 4-star Novotel Katowice Centrum is located in the heart of the city by the Road Katowice-Warsaw, is ideal for both business and leisure guests. Hotel has in offer 300 air-conditioned comfortable rooms, 11 functional conference rooms, recreation center, swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, gym, massage room and a car park.
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NOVO SQUARE Lounge Bar - odkryj miejsce, w którym życie smakuje lepiej. Od śniadania aż po kolację i smaczne przekąski wszystkie hotele Novotel zapewniają szeroki wybór dań i usług à la carte przez całą dobę. Nowoczesny wystrój, miła atmosfera, profesjonalna obsługa - sprawiają, że nasza restauracja jest doskonałym miejscem na business lunch lub romantyczną kolację we dwoje. Serwujemy dania kuchni międzynarodowej, a dla najmłodszych przygotowaliśmy menu dla dzieci. NOVO SQUARE Lounge Bar to idealne miejsce na poranną, aromatyczną kawę, popołudniową herbatę, kieliszek wina i odprężenie po długim, męczącym dniu pracy.
Moodro Restaurant is a unique place located in the old engine building belonging to the Silesian Museum in Katowice. The traditions of our region blend harmoniously with modernity. The stylish interior of the old engine building give to this place a unique character.
Restauracja Cadenza, z autorską kuchnią, mieszcząca się w nowej siedzibie NOSPR.
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